ON page 10 of the Well Warrington 2019-23 document is the following statement: ‘We must examine what strategic levers we have...to address the proliferation of fast food takeaways’.

An admirable objective I am sure everyone will agree, given the dangers of an unhealthy diet and obesity.

Five years ago, Cllr Judith Wheeler pre-empted this by raising concerns over the development of Thewlis Street by Lidl and KFC, saying, ‘I am concerned about the effects of fast food on a healthy lifestyle’ (Warrington Guardian 28/6/2015), so I am wondering why the same lady decided it was more important to fill an empty shop unit (Warrington Guardian 6/8/2020) than deprive Penketh residents of a ‘Friday teatime treat’ (a comment, extremely patronising in my opinion, made at the development management committee meeting the previous evening).

The shop, previously occupied for many years by a wedding dress retailer, is currently being prepared to accommodate Penketh’s 12th hot food takeaway, with permission to open seven days and evenings, a week, despite its proximity to family homes, on either side (one attached to the property) and directly behind.

The occupants of those houses can look forward to an uninterrupted view of the industrial extractor flue.

Parking has been a major problem on this part of Warrington Road for many years, and these factors plus associated concerns of noise, cooking smells, litter (and possibly) vermin, make such an outlet totally incompatible with what is mainly a residential area.

I suspect this decision was reached based on Google Maps rather than a site visit.

Currently, applicants for planning permission have the right to appeal at no extra expense to themselves if their application is refused.

Yet objectors have no equivalent right if an application is allowed.

The only chance of overturning a disputed planning permission is by private legal action at the objector’s own expense.

This is most unjust, and implies that if councils refuse planning permission they might be wrong, but if they grant it they are always right.

And I am in no doubt, this decision is wrong.