MY parents are both in their late 80s and both have ill health.

Last week they invited the local vet (Appleton Park) to have their old dog put to sleep.

The vet and an assistant went in the garage to put Gem to sleep (because of Covid-19, they couldn’t go into the house).

My parents were deeply saddened about the dog – the vet showed such empathy, they were gentle and sympathetic.

I know that’s their job, however what follows isn’t part of their job.

They asked what my dad was going to do now with Gem and he replied ‘just leave her there and when my son in law comes home he will bury her – the hole is already dug in the garden’.

The vets said ‘ooh don’t worry about that we will do it’ so they both carried Gem in the garden – the hole wasn’t big enough, so the vets set to and dug deeper.

They covered Gem along with her favourite toy and picked a couple of flowers from my parent’s garden and put that on her grave.

Such kindness and especially through difficult times like we are living in. People are very quick to criticise but I thought this goes above and beyond and would love them to be acknowledged for the act of kindness.

JO MCMANUS Warrington

SHOPPING in Marks and Spencer in Stockton Heath, I arrived at the till to pay, showed my contactless card to the terminal but it didn’t want to know.

I tried a couple of times without success then was invited to do things the old fashioned way.

But I couldn’t remember the PIN number, I tried a couple of times but no good.

Unfortunately I wasn’t carrying any other cards that I could have used nor any cash.

From the assembled queue behind me a lady passed a fiver to the till operator who advised that the purchases added up to £6 and my saviour passed over another pound.

I asked my kind benefactor for information that would allow me to reimburse her outlay.

Her response was to say: “It’s my good deed for the day.”

The world may not be such a bad place after all.