I WAS interested to read A Dodd’s letter about wasting money.

Here is another opportunity.

Warrington are also involved in ‘social’ energy.

They already own 50 per cent of Together Energy (bought for £22m), a loss making company.

Bristol Council are selling Bristol Energy to TE, so it seems that Bristol have found social energy is not a profitable investment.

So guess what!

This portion of Together Energy is being acquired by Warrington.

No accounts are available since Warrington’s purchase of the Bristol Energy portion of TE.

In addition, TE was rated ‘worst supplier for customer satisfaction’ by Which? Magazine, for 2020.

Nottingham are also getting shot of their energy company, Robin Hood Energy.

So, it looks like there is little prospect of any return on investment in ‘social’ energy.

It would be interesting to know why Warrington is involved.

PETER POOL Birchwood