I READ the anon letter about trying to get a GP appointment and was surprised that such a poor standard of care was suggested (Warrington Guardian, October 1).

In contrast I phoned my GP on Thursday last week and was put in a call back queue (8.35am). At around 8.40am I was called back by a practice representative who booked me for a phone appointment with a GP that morning.

At approx 10.05am my GP was on the phone and gave me a prescription that would be sent through straightaway to the pharmacy, which was ready for me when I arrived.

I was also asked to get a specimen pot which was left outside the surgery in a basket because of Covid 19 contact.

By 10.40am I was back at the surgery with the specimen so that it could go to the lab in the midday collection.

The medicines were working later that day. On Friday at teatime the GP rang to see how I was.

What a brilliant experience from our surgery and GP compared with that other poor person. Our surgery never fails us.


Great Sankey