I HAVE never felt compelled to write to the Guardian, but today was an exception.

I was in Hood Manor car park waiting for my appointment to have my flu jab.

It was about 8.30am and I needed to go into Tesco.

Approaching the shop I put my mask on, as I went through the door I was barged by three teenage girls who were not wearing masks.

When I got inside the shop hardly anyone was wearing a mask.

All ages were shopping, from teenage to pensioner.

I paid for my goods at the self-serve machine and left.

I couldn’t wait to get out.

When I got back to my car I watched people entering and leaving – very few people wearing masks.

If this is a sample of attitude in Warrington, are we surprised that numbers of people contracting Covid are rising?

Why aren’t parents encouraging their teenagers to wear masks?

Why aren’t schools encouraging pupils to wear masks more?

There is a large notice on Tesco’s door requesting customers to wear them.

What needs to happen to make people act responsibly?

Why are people so selfish, even arrogant?

How is it that they are ‘protected’ from Covid?

Please be responsible, please wear a mask, please keep your distance.

Please have respect for yourself and others.