THE past few weeks, I’ve been waiting on important deliveries and letters from my university as I start as a first year student at the end of September.

This means I have to rely on Royal Mail to deliver these to me.

Usually the mailman/mailwoman comes at the same time every morning, however recently they will only show up two out of the five working days of the week or sometimes even once and it’s at a ridiculous time like 5.30pm or 6pm.

I don’t mean to sound like I am moaning but when I am waiting on important information, I expect Royal Mail to show up on all working days.

It means I have to spend all my time just waiting to see them walking up my drive so I can receive things.

I’ve been waiting almost a month.

Understandably, coronavirus has slowed them down but when the people actually delivering them don’t even show up then you start to wonder what on earth is going on.