AS an Irish Catholic living in Warrington and one who was here when the IRA planted the bomb which killed two little innocent boys.

I felt ashamed to be Irish at that time and some years later I bumped into Colin Parry.

I offered a sincere apology on behalf of all the Irish for the carnage they had bestowed on his family.

His gracious response to me was humbling.

He said: “I don’t blame all the Irish people just the terrorists”.

Now, 27 years later, I feel that I need to again apologise to Colin Parry and the family of Johnathan Ball for their own government elevating Claire Fox to a peerage (Warrington Guardian, August 13).

She was and still is a sympathiser of the IRA movement and until she is really able to renounce that then she shouldn’t be allowed to move into the House of Lords.

Can we please appeal to our serving MPs and the good people of Warrington to join me in opposing this move?

MARY GORMAN Warrington