I HAVE just read that Warrington is to receive £5.2million towards an electric bus fleet and land is now available to build a a new bus depot in the town centre (Warrington Guardian, August 6).

How out of touch is Warrington transport with its potential customers in the town?

Do they really believe they can attract customers with zero emission buses when the average Warringtonian will travel the 400 yards to their local Co-op in a diesel 4x4?

No, what potential new customers do want is inexpensive, reliable, comfortable but most of all a special, different experience to guarantee new travellers.

Here we have a chance to really put Warrington in the news with a tram system.

I predict, if the electro-bus scheme goes ahead, we’ll still see buses driving around the town with two pensioners and four students.

On a plus note they will be quiet.

JOHN READ Grappenhall