IN recent months during lockdown, the brown saddle brigade have appeared to be gaining more support for cycle lanes etc.

Well if they want more width to the road, then it’s about time they are more regulated regarding their standards and behaviour.

Two examples from this week.

My son and I were driving down Knutsford Road when, without warning, a mature Lycra male cyclist came out of a side road and didn’t bother to look or give way

My son, who himself is an avid cycling enthusiast, couldn’t believe what he had observed.

My own experience was at the bottom of East View at the junction with Knutsford Road.

I saw a young lad cycling along Knutsford Road on a mobile phone who then turned left through a no entry sign into East View.

If the cyclists want to be on the same par as car drivers, then I suggest they have to hold a proficiency licence to ride pass a theory and practical riding exam and be insured.