IN response to Gary Bebbington (Warrington Guardian, July 23).

In terms of Bridge Lane field, I would prefer it if that land was properly used by the rugby club and the council.

Could a hub or a small leisure centre be used there?

At the moment (and for some time) those fields are not being used as they should.

If that can’t happen, then why not put houses on there?

It is preferable to a field elsewhere.

As for the tip, it should be closed and moved.

I sat for half an hour trying to drop some recycling off on Saturday.

It is a wholly inappropriate site for a tip.

Put one somewhere else in the south, perhaps as part of a new housing development.

It could be introduced as a planning regulation.

Then use that tip land for a community centre or flats, if the demand is there.

Traffic is an issue, of course it is.

But the Government demands house building, and I would far rather it be on existing unused or poorly used land than on destroying our fields and countryside.

The green belt should be protected.