GARY Bebbington has all the hallmarks of the typical reactionary Daily Mail-reading Piers Morgan type who flies off the handle without bothering with facts or reason.

The new development on Station Road is exactly the sort we should want in Warrington.

A former industrial site which has been laid to waste and been subject to arson and anti-social behaviour for years.

Now we have developers keen to do something with the land and put new housing on it.

Almost 200 new homes which don’t now need to be built on the green belt.

It is not poor planning, it is the sort of planning we should be encouraging in Warrington.

And for that matter, the sort of planning the Tory government wants.

Maybe Gary should try to engage his mind once a while rather than moaning at everything.

I would have thought he would have loved building on the north side of the canal so that his beloved south remains untouched.

Except perhaps for his own Grappenhall home.