HOW long do the residents of Thelwall have to put up with the age-old eyesore on Thelwall New Road?

I’m talking about the old derelict shop at that location.

It is in a dangerous condition and surrounded by temporary fencing.

Warrington Borough Council have the powers to do remedial work to this property to make it safe, they even have the powers to take control of it.

The temporary Harris fencing around the site is a token gesture, they could at least make the developer tidy up the site.

This is unacceptable and I for one will not accept the status quo and I intend to seek the views and concerns of the residents in this location by whatever means to pressure the council, developer and owner to take up their responsibilities and I would like our councillors and MP to assist with this.

I am more than willing to stick my head above the parapet on this one.

If I knew who the owner of this site was I would be approaching them to seek answers.

I moved here 18 months ago and I thought it was a disgrace then; it still is, and the populace of Thelwall deserve better.

The talk is certainly over and some action is now needed in relation to this.

I think I’ll sit back now and consider how to push this forward.

Either the people who have the capacity come on board with me or I’ll push on regardless.

The building is still in a dangerous state.

We have had enough of prevarication by all who are involved in trying to sort this out.

I moved from the north side of Warrington and I would have the same morals if this occurred over there.

SHAUN BRADY Warrington