I’M very concerned about garden fires in my local area and unsure of who to ask for help.

Garden fires, as a result of individuals having ‘clear outs’ during lockdown, are causing problems with air quality at a time when people are suffering breathing difficulties.

My children have been unable to play in the garden due to bonfires in neighbouring gardens and on one occasion my garden fence caught fire and is now damaged.

We were lucky there wasn’t a serious incident.

People need to be stopped from having garden fires at this time as its causing unnecessary risk.

Why should I and many others need to keep windows and doors shut, not put washing out to dry and stop children from going in the garden because of other people’s constant day and night garden fires?

My baby is at risk of SIDS.

I’m very concerned, and something needs to be done on a higher level by Warrington Borough Council and the police or fire department.