ON Friday the Government announced that the local elections due to take place in May have been postponed for a year due to the coronavirus outbreak.

If this is the case then it should ban all councils from undertaking any building on greenfield sites where there is considerable public outcry to their actions.

In Warrington’s case many people are outraged at the council’s performance over the past few years be it the amount of public debt they have created in our names.

Also money that is being thrown at the town centre white elephant while Bridge Street resembles an open sewer.

We need the local election to try to vote the councillors out to show how fed up we are with more and more housing developments leading to more and more congestion on our roads.

Hundreds of high rise apartments are springing up all over the town, it’s ridiculous especially the ones on the ex-Beers site in Latchford where the roads are already gridlocked during the rush hours.

Are they just selling them to people who do not drive?

Who are they aimed at?

Certainly not families.

Someone should inform the Town Hall that Great Britain has left the European Union and hopefully immigration has started to reverse.

Before anyone accuses me of being racist some of my best friends are Polish and they have contributed immensely to the local economy.

We do not need any further housing.

But we do need local elections.