I HAVE been a resident of the Dallam area for around nine months having previously lived in another part of Warrington.

I am a person who believes that if you are being paid to do a job then you should be seen to be doing it. I am referring to the Dallam area and the named councillors on the borough council’s website.

According to it we have three councillors and looking at their details their addresses are all outside of the ward boundaries.

I find this hard to understand as how do they know what is going on and do they care.

I have raised issues with WBC in the past through the appropriate channels and it takes an age to get anything done, so last September I raised these issues with Sarah Hall one of our duly elected councillors, I did manage to have a telephone conversation with her highlighting issues and invited her for a walk round but she kindly declined my offer and told me to email her.

Well I did this and I copied in the other two councillors but guess what, no response.

I do believe that a councillor was seen in the area drumming up support during the election campaign, well we all know what happened there and now we have the local elections coming up soon and the new hub will open up later this year.

I gather that will be the only times we will see a councillor in this area telling us how good they are at their jobs and smiling for the cameras.

The old saying goes actions speak louder than words.

I would love one of our duly elected persons to contact me and take up my offer of a walk round and explain and show me that they actually care about the people and the area they represent and get something done.