I THINK that Gary Bebbington’s letter (Warrington Guardian, February 27) is worthy of my response.

I totally agree that the traffic calming, on a small Orford estate, is just a pre-election rouse by the Labour party.

Other strategies are taking place across the town.

In the Woolston and Rixton ward they have distributed a document entitled ‘Woolston Labour Rose’, in which they claim credit for a number of achievements.

Further they state to be working closely with residents to resolve different issues.

I consider such claims to be largely fictitious. One of the three councillors elected in 2016 was new to the role and displaced a really effective councillor, whom the Labour party had deselected.

Over the past three years I have sought the new councillor’s help on various, diverse issues.

His response has been consistent disinterest. In attempts to encourage him, you have published several letters on my behalf, but regrettably to no avail.

I have no confidence in his ability to represent my interests and he will not receive my vote in the forthcoming, municipal elections. I urge other constituents, in this ward, to follow my example.

Perhaps the Labour party might chose to deselect him, but I do not feel optimistic.