THE term daylight robbery seems to go hand in hand with the latest green waste charge from the council.

It has gone up again (to £35 now) and at the same time I am told in the Warrington Guardian (Febraury 13) that council tax is going up by almost four per cent too – twice the rate of inflation.

Is this some sort of joke?

What next?

An extra charge to have the bulb in my street lighting changed?

More money if I want to use a crossing attendant to cross the road?

Will I have to pay if my road has a pot hole filled?

Do I have to tip the library attendant when she issues my book?

Should I pay the traffic warden for not giving me a ticket?

Where does it stop?

It is an absolute nonsense and I can’t believe it is fair.

I am assuming it is the same all over the place. What a joke.