I very much enjoyed my glass of wine on Friday as I watched the clock tick past 11pm.

We are finally out of the EU and the Remoaners can finally shut up and get back in their box.

The country didn’t shut down.

We are all still here and alive and kicking.

The world didn’t stop turning simple because we weren’t in Europe.

We didn’t start hating fellow Europeans.

The sun still rose in the morning and set in the evening.

But we did start taking back control of our laws, our business and our money (these are three things we can all look forward to in an answer to Celia Jordan’s letter earlier in January).

Maybe we can all start looking forward with optimism for the future.

And start talking about something different from the EU.

There are other things we need to debate in this great nation state of ours.

In five years’ time, everyone will be delighted we left and start to forge our own path again.