THE article in Warrington Guardian regarding the possibility of Unilever closing its washing powder factory (January 31).

Well it’s just like the decline in the high street where more and more shopping is being done online, it’s a sign of the times especially when Unilever themselves say that they are suffering from sustained and irreversible decline in demand for powder detergents.

However looking on the positive, the closure would help to contribute to cleaner air in the town and the brownfield site could be compulsory purchased by the council on behalf of the NHS at a reasonable price to the tax payer and our much-needed new hospital can be built there.

So I say to our councillors and the executives in the NHS trust, who by the way are all on eye watering salaries, it’s now time to pull your fingers out and make your move before the developers start circling Unilever like vultures.

TONY FOX Stockton Heath