SO Warrington Borough Council has thrown its weight behind an ambitious 20-year vision of a town centre masterplan, including 8,000 homes.

This will mean more cars, more pollution and gridlocked roads.

Is it the here and now that needs to be addressed.

The condition of the roads are a disgrace, the hedges and footpaths badly neglected, road signs are barely readable because of overgrown shrubs and dirt.

We live in Fowley Common Lane, going on to Hebden Avenue in Glazebury.

The condition of the lane is appalling.

It has been a long time since money has been spent on our area.

Money seems to have gone on Winwick and Croft road surfacing improvements.

We appear to be the forgotten part of the village.

Considering how much council tax the local residents of Fowley Common Lane and Hebden Avenue pay, it is time we had some investment please WBC.

We live in hope.

SA GOOCH Glazebury