I WAS interested to read the news about the opening of the new Chapelford Medical Centre (Warrington Guardian, January 24).

It looks like a fantastic facility and certainly people around there should be delighted with the investment.

But what about what is fast becoming the forgotten district of Warrington, Great Sankey?

We have been without a doctor’s surgery for around a decade now since the last moved to Orford.

There was talk that one would be put into the hub on Barrowhall Lane when that opened but that has not happened.

And nothing else has happened since – there has been no talk of a new one and no plan to find another site.

How can it be possible that an area of town can be so ignored by the authorities?

Added to that, our station is being in effect closed to make way for Warrington West – also in Chapelford.

I have no problem with new housing, but it seems Chapelford is getting all the new investment while Great Sankey is being left with nothing.

A lot of the reason why we moved here 40 years ago was because of facilities like a GP and station.

At least our leisure centre is award-winning as was stated in last week’s Guardian.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if that was moved to Chapelford too.

The kids on the housing block are certainly first in the queues for other bits of development.