THE daily news is full of tragedy from natural disasters to man-made problems but on the whole here in the UK we have relatively peaceful lives.

For people in Warrington, especially parents, the British sense of fair play and natural compassion helps empathise with those whose lives are so filled with conflict, disaster and persecution that there is no other option than to flee their homes and leave their families behind.

If the situation was reversed wouldn’t we want to send our children to a place of safety.

We are proud of our country’s record of welcoming refugees in need of protection and long may it continue.

Many children have found their way to our shores and are being helped with their physical and mental problems.

Unfortunately most of these unaccompanied children are placed in care with its attendant problems but who better to help these traumatised children than their own family members.

In a recent report Amnesty International UK, Refugee Council and Save the Children show how our Government’s misguided policy on refugee family reunion is harming child refugees who have sought safety in this country and making it more difficult for them to settle in.

For those children who find a place of safety in the UK, cruel and unfair rules are condemning them to a life without their closest family members.

Tell the new Home Secretary to change these rules – sign Amnesty’s petition at familiestogether.

EVELYN KINSELLA Secretary Warrington Amnesty Group