I HAVE to say the suggestion of a new hospital at Cockhedge is an entirely sensible one (Warrington Guardian, page 6).

The current site is large, but I can’t see how you would build a new hospital and run the existing one.

If you take New Town House and all the land around, there would be lots of space for a hospital and for parking.

Of course the problem is traffic.

But that would be the same wherever you put it – even in Omega or say Appleton Thorn in the south of the town.

The other problem would be getting to a hospital which wasn’t town centre.

Public transport simply isn’t good enough.

Our town deserves a better hospital than the current one, let’s hope this bid works.

And that the Government is serious about helping the NHS as it claims to be.

It would be wonderful to think that in 10 years’ time, we are being treated in a top environment.

And the current site could be converted for some much-needed housing too.

It seems like a win win situation to me.