I REFER to the recent general election that was held on December 12.

I have always voted in elections so when the election was announced at the beginning of November, I knew I was out of the country on holiday on the date of the election.

With that in mind I immediately contacted Warrington Borough Council requesting a postal vote.

The postal vote application eventually arrived stating that it could not be accepted until after November 28.

I was out of the country on this date also.

I contacted WBC again asking for a proxy vote. They said they would send the forms out By November 19 I still hadn’t received the proxy forms.

The following day I was due to depart the UK for a month.

The proxy forms could not be posted until December 5 and again I was out of the country.

So because of WBC’s incompetence I have been denied my democratic right of casting my vote in a general election.