AFTER the terrible events last Friday in London I was watching BBC news late at night.

Now I know I’m just a basic ‘Joe Bloggs’ but the comments that were bandied about were so condescending to the UK public.

Comments like ‘with hindsight’ and ‘inconceivable events’ were nonsense.

We, the stupid, unintelligent, nobody public could tell these people that the events are conceivable and believe it or not we don’t need hindsight to see this would and will happen again.

He was a convicted terrorist released from prison.

Why was he still in this country? He should have been expelled without a prison sentence (paid for by the people he was trying to kill), even if he was born in or had UK residency.

And why was he released?

Did he promise not to be a bad boy again?

And what idiots in charge believed him?

We are in danger now from our own authorities who are willing to put terrorists back onto the streets.

The bravery of the public and police in the attack was and is to be applauded.

But it should not have been allowed to happen.