IN response to the letter last week about the midwife being given a ticket (Warrington Guardian, December 5).

I think it opens a wider conversation about the point of traffic wardens.

Is it to catch parking offenders causing dangerous obstructions or to hit targets and make cash?

You see the wardens scurrying round The Forge car park, desperately trying to find cars which have overstayed their welcome.

Yet you could point to countless cars (often Range Rovers or large 4x4s) stopping on double yellow lines on London Road close to Nando’s or Stockyard causing real problems.

Firstly the danger of people crossing in queuing traffic and secondly creating monster queues in each direction. These drivers really are contributing to the endless chaos on the roads in the village.

But traffic wardens would actually have to do some work then.

Traffic wardens should be there to keep the traffic flowing.

Not lining the pockets of the people they work for and the council.

It is time to stop using the south of Warrington as a cash cow.