I FEEL I must reply to Aran Dhillon’s report published November 28.

Our MP Faisal Rashid condemned the antics of four middle aged ladies for exercising their democratic right to demonstrate against his and his political parties stance on the issue of Brexit.

Branding them as Tory activists, he couldn’t be further from the truth.

He went on to claim the ladies embarked on a campaign of harassment and intimidation.

He also claimed the ladies jostled and punched Labour supporters and at one point on social media there were claims of a racist comment being shouted outside the Labour office where I assume there will be adequate CCTV to prove the alleged offence.

The truth is I and many others who belong to the Warrington 4 Brexit group are a cross party group made up of mostly ex-Labour voters sick and fed up of the way the whole Brexit issue has been dealt with by the remain majority in the House of Commons.

As a group we have held weekly meetings in Warrington town centre for well over a year.

We have been called fascists, racists and numerous other expletives but we have never ever been violent.

We are hard working honest people fighting for what 14.7 million people voted for and will carry on doing so until the will of the people has been delivered.

The truth behind this article is the stance that Mr Rashid in his act of desperation is to put our group into a bad light.

He along with all his fellow members representing strong leave constituencies who have towed the party line in not allowing the will of the people has finally seen the issue come home to roost and on their heads be it.