I FEEL like I should write in defence of Labour candidate Charlotte Nichols.

There has been lots of rubbish spouted online, on social media and claims reported in the Warrington Guardian about her being a ‘parachute candidate’.

Well join the club.

Helen Jones was a Chester councillor before 1997, Helen Southworth came from St Helens, David Mowat was brought in from Macclesfield in 2010.

The Tory candidate is also from out of town, living in Wigan.

Now you can make your own judgements on how good they were as MPs. But there is no doubting all parties pick who they think is best.

The two suggested Warrington candidates have little to no experience beyond, one has not even been a cabinet member so it seems fanciful for them to be expect to be a parliamentary candidate.

People should be judged on their record.

Ms Nichols has been out and about, campaigning hard and being very approachable.

I’ll make my decision on who to vote for based on reality, not on pointless debates about where someone lives.

JAMES WILSON Orford Grow up AM I the only person in the country that remembers the outcome of the Brexit referendum at which the majority of the country voted to leave the EU?

Yet we now have a Labour MP in Warrington who has stated that in a second referendum he would vote remain and the Liberal Democrats have also stated that they will cancel the leaving of the EU and keep us in the European Union.

Where does this leave our great country which as I see is now the biggest laughing stock in the world?

It is time for our MPs to remember why and who elected them and get this country back to being the Great Britain that we once were.

Also isn’t it about time the MPs started acting like adults during debates and not like some unruly two-year-olds.