OH dear oh dear, Derick is mistaking his conjecture and supposition for fact (Warrington Guardian, October 10).

Me a ‘new remainder who crawled out of the woodwork’?

At the risk of sounding like I am blowing my own trumpet – in my defence – I used to deliver Liberal party leaflets in Devon in the 70s, was a West Dorset Liberal Democrat councillor in the 80s, and have written a number of letters to the Guardian regarding my opinion on Brexit over the last few months.

So hardly a ‘new remainer crawling out the woodwork’?

In any case, even if I was a callow 18-year-old writing my first letter to the Guardian I would have just as valid an opinion and right to express that opinion, as a seasoned mature serial letter writer.

I must confess I have not noticed Derick’s name in the letters column before although I may have missed it.

He may believe and even be correct that other countries have benefited from our older democracy, and he may like American declarations, but we are not other countries and we are not America.

We do not (as I pointed out in my last letter) have constitutional provisions or law that enable us to rule via pre-legislative referendums.

As for his statement ‘let’s get back to the facts’. Since I am guessing you are a school teacher? his guess is wrong. He may also have watched a Youtube video of the then Prime minister David Cameron telling us unequivocally that this will be an ‘in out vote’.

But David Cameron was wrong to promise something he knew was not correct and impossible to deliver without getting it through parliament first.

Interesting for someone championing Mr Cameron that he makes no mention of his current thoughts, personally I think a second referendum is not the way forward but Mr Cameron has said a second referendum on Britain’s EU membership could not be ruled out as he hit out at Boris Johnson for proroguing parliament and expelling rebel Tory Remainers.

Derick’s last paragraph on his thoughts on Liberals rewriting the rules of the FA cup is again not fact.

However, playing devil’s advocate, what would be the Brexiters’ rules for the FA Cup Final?

As Remainers to lift the cup you must win by three clear goals.

However if the Brexiters get one more goal than you it is obviously a complete unequivocal whitewash, will of the majority and of all football fans whoever they support that Brexiters win the cup.