BORIS Johnson is the sole party leader at Westminster who is trying to honour the referendum result.

For this, he’s being hounded by a rabble of collaborators and traitors, who will get their come-uppance at the next election.

As for Jeremy Corbyn and his mate John McDonnell, they have turned the Labour Party into what appears to be a home for communists, anti-Semitics and apologists for terrorism.

Corbyn and McDonell want power.

To achieve this, they will say and do anything, they think the ends justify the means.

We have two Labour MPs representing the town that either argue against the communist takeover of the party or they are too gutless to speak out against it.

Whatever the case maybe they are not fit to represent Warrington.

Four things always happen with a Labour government. Taxes go up, borrowing goes up, unemployment goes up and they always make a mess of the economy.

KEN FOSTER Warrington