I FULLY endorse the content of Brian Spencer’s letter on the subject of empty seats at Wembley (Warrington Guardian, August 29).

The worst example being the bays adjacent to the tunnel which were vastly empty throughout the day.

Why can’t spare seats be offered to dedicated fans?

My wife and I, who have been going to the final for the past 12 years with the same tour operator for three days of the weekend, were greatly disappointed by the matter of coach parking.

Because of the building development taking over the land used for coach parks next to the stadium, described by Brian, we had to walk some distance from the coach park to the ground.

We felt for those with mobility issues, particularly given the hot conditions.

There was only one taxi available to assist disabled fans.

We love the London experience, hence our commitment to three days and Wembley.

We will watch the outcome of next years’s change of date to see if things improve.