IT’S a small story but with all the negativity and criminals constantly on the news from Warrington it would be nice for good people to be recognises.

At about 8.15am most days walking my girlfriend’s son to school, I see an elderly man on the car park with a litter picker and bin bag clearing up the disgusting car park near the black and white house in Sankey Valley, before continuing to walk round the canal.

I think this is amazing and selfless considering I’ve seen him do it for the nearly two years I’ve been with my partner. Inconsiderate people fill it all back up by throwing their trash on the floor and harming wildlife yet he still does it. With all the scum who attack people and sell drugs this is something worthy of telling people about.

Someone who has some pride in Warrington, as unfortunately it seems to be degrading each year since I was a kid and it’d be nice to see decent people recognised.