I WANT to start by saying how disappointing it was to read that plans for a new theatre have been ditched – again.

The contrast with the rugby club is stark.

When it needed cash for a new stadium, the council gave it and backed plans too. I think that money was never actually repaid either, just returned ‘in-kind’ through marketing and advertising boards in the ground.

But while I agree with some of Cllr Dan Price’s comments, I can’t help but feel he is not being completely truthful.

He quotes rather grandiose figures about how much people spending on going to the theatre in Manchester and Liverpool.

But most of this would be on large productions like Wicked, Les Miserables or Lion King.

Not the sort of musicals that would be coming to a few hundred seated auditorium in Warrington.

What sort of audience would fill that on a week in, week out scenario is a far more relevant question to ask.

And I doubt they would be spending millions of pounds.