THERE will be street stalls in operation across the UK on Saturday where campaigners will be running a petition calling on MPs to support a form of proportional representation.

According to Make Votes Matter, the current voting system denies millions of people a voice in Parliament, forces millions more to vote tactically, and distorts the will of the British people.

They point out that the Conservatives and DUP share a majority of seats in the House of Commons, despite receiving just 43 per cent of the vote in 2017.

British democracy is in desperate need of radical overhaul so that our Parliament reflects the people and how they voted.

And that’s what Make Votes Matter campaigners in towns and cities across the UK will be making a noise about this Demand Democracy Day on Saturday.

The way to achieve this is through a system of proportional representation so that if a party gets 20 per cent of the votes, they win 20 per cent of the seats.

Most developed countries already take this for granted, but in the UK we’re still lagging behind with an antiquated system which completely distorts the will of the people.

If you want to help campaign for a fairer voting system, then join myself from 11am till 2pm in Horsemarket Street on Saturday.