I WOULD like to reply to the letter ‘I had to wear earplugs’ (Warrington Guardian, June 6).

How can you say that Neighbourhood Weekender wasn’t ‘paradise’?

Everyone loved it, even our own councillor was there.

‘Anti-social behaviour’– tosh it was a fantastic weekend, everyone says so.

And for the record Mr Everyone lives in the Highlands of Scotland.

Yes it was nosier than last year, the house, windows, ornaments were vibrating in protest.

It was the low frequency vibrations that actually made you feel sick.

Someone actually commented ‘well it’s only for two days’, well it wasn’t.

Friday was sound check, Saturday was just noise (and to be honest I didn’t know one name on the list of bands).

The week before saw the organisers taking over the public land for a private party, building the event, then spent days after the event deconstructing it.

Then months waiting for the weather to remove the urine, faeces and vomit from on and around the park.

Don’t forget this is a public place, where you take your children to play.

We had regular sound checkers coming around but strangely, only when it was quieter (between bands) and then the volume went up.

I had a call from a friend in Woolston, saying he could hear it there.

It will not go away as we, the suffering lower class, ‘lets ignore those moaners’, are not worth taking any notice of.

So stop moaning, get a supply of earplugs in, some bin bags to clean up the waste and some bleach to remove the other stuff and enjoy it (because they don’t care about your opinion).