I AM writing in shock and anger at the recent decimation of a small woodland area along the embankment of the M62 west bound, west of junction 11 of the M62 and just east of junction 10 the Croft interchange.

At the end of Cross Lane South, Risley, there is a cemetery/holy ground. There was a well established crop of trees probably in the region of 45 to 55 mixed fir tree, sycamore and hazel and a good ground covering of smaller shrubs.

Over the period of two nights last week all the trees were cut to the ground and, along with the ground covering shrubs and plants, were removed totally.

My shock and anger is twofold.

First there were nesting birds in the trees as well as squirrels and certainly hedgehogs which came into my garden to take my feed.

Three bird boxes were being used by blue tits which I am almost sure were at the chick/fledgling stage.

Another major sadness is that for many years the trees acted as a barrier between houses, a cemetery and the M62 and afforded a roost area for a small colony of bats.

I am convinced that these actions must be illegal if not at least immoral and surely contravene the Wildlife and Countryside act?

The second part of my anger and shock is regarding the lack of notification or consultation about obliterating all the habitat with no thought given about the sound and air pollution barrier that these trees and shrubs afforded myself and other residents.

I live around 25 metres away from this disgusting act and already suffer the extra noise it has allowed now the natural barrier has been removed.

One of the workmen clearing some of the residue during the day told me there was going to be a new overhead information gantry for the motorway put in where the trees once stood.

Despite my phone calls nobody will put me in touch to speak to the relevant department that deals with this act of destruction and irreversible action.