IT has been a week when Warrington has been making the national news in a way we’ve not seen for a long time.

Unfortunately there have not been good news stories but ones that show how low standards of respect and public life have fallen in our country.

Mainly it was the week when Sally Bate from the Warrington4Brexit group did the decent thing and stood down as a Brexit Party candidate for the European elections.

She did this because of fellow candidate Claire Fox’s views and comments at the time of the tragic Warrington bombing in 1993. It was the right thing to do.

But let’s hope that people like Sally Bate and Warrington4Brexit reflect on this experience.

The truth is that once you start to get involved with people like Nigel Farage and Ms Fox and in actively supporting ‘Brexit’ you are swimming in very murky waters.

Let’s all believe in Britain and bin this ‘Brexit’ nonsense once and for all and get on with our lives.