I REFER to the letter David Myall about Brexit (Warrington Guardian, May 2).

Your opening statement about a ‘shambles’ is correct, but more importantly ‘promoted a fantasy’ is to be honest, rubbish.

Can you tell me a politician that has made promises that for some reason they have not been able to keep?

When the referendum was started, the majority of people thought that this was a chance to get our own country back.

Well the majority voted out.

You state that now a majority of the country think that the original referendum was a mistake, why?

Is it because people are sick and tired of the politicians (voted in by us to do our bidding) who want to keep on earning those extra pennies from EU support/slush funds?

You state that ‘at the other extreme six million signed up to revoke article 50’.

Isn’t that like shooting yourself in the foot? It was a democratic vote that said leave.

You state that ‘leaving is complicated, messy and expensive’. Yes it is, but why? Who pays for it? We the taxpayers do.

The politicians don’t care about that as they are receiving monies via consultations, affiliations with EU companies, etc.

You state that ‘in six months run another referendum’. Why in god’s name waste more money, time and effort when a decision has already been democratically made?

We do not want to be bullied by the minority.

So from a majority voter that expected this democratically elected government to do something that was democratically voted for, let’s get out now.