I WAS interested to read in the Guardian about Alexander Armstrong talking about Penketh library on Pointless (Warrington Guardian, May 2).

Of course he is quite right and I hope that people will continue to use and enjoy this facility as much as I did.

I say did because of the recent changes in the route and timetables of the number 32 bus a section of Penketh residents, including myself, the library will be off limits.

However not just the library but other services including the post office, bank, chemist, opticians etc.

Since I stopped driving three years ago the 32 bus has been a lifeline for me.

I am elderly with mobility problems and the loss of these services are a big blow.

We are encouraged to use local services, ‘use it or lose it’, but what does the bus company do, take our means of getting there away.

Also the half hourly service that used to go to Warrington is now every two hours.

Should I write to Alexander Armstrong and ask him for a plug to reinstate the 32 as it used to be so I can keep on using the library?