BREXIT poses a risk to jobs (any type = job losses), the economy (we will be permanently poorer from leaving the EU), medicines, the NHS, resources for public services, and will disadvantage the poor and vulnerable. People’s lives and livelihoods are at risk.

We need a public inquiry to resolve the allegations that some MPs are profiting from Brexit and that is the reason for their commitment to hard Brexit.

Resolve the issue of how much criminal activity was involved in the EU referendum and which politicians were involved.

Call for all people involved to face proper sanctions, otherwise our rule of law, our democracy, is lost.

Brexit should be paused or Article 50 revoked until a public inquiry is completed, a referendum on the negotiated deal with option to remain in the EU on same terms is provided (referred to as people’s vote or put it to the people) and all MPs finances are audited in line with standard AML to address the concerns about payments, money laundering, and Russian connections.

Of course if Brexit goes ahead when the people realise what has happened, those people will not vote for the Conservatives or Labour again, because their trust in those parties will be gone.

How could they trust any MP who fails to adhere to the rule of law?