RE Paul Nuttall’s letter (Warrington Guardian, April 4), who would have thought that the country would be in the appalling political mess we are currently wading about in?

Well Mr Nuttall I would and did, that is not me being supercilious, but purely the fact that I like many others understand how the political process works in our country.

Somewhat strange that we have to explain the workings of our democratic parliamentary system to a serving north west MEP.

The day after the referendum, while many were delirious with victory, I was voicing words of caution – namely that the result would have to be voted through Parliament first.

We have never been set up to rule via referendums and trying to circumnavigate Parliament is what has caused the current disaster. It is interesting that many wanted Brexit so that the alleged power of the unelected bureaucrats of the EU could be given back to our democratically elected MP’s.

Yet as soon as those MPs exercise their democratic duty by voting down deals they believe will damage the country all hell breaks loose. We get the weekly letters to the Guardian, stating that they are all traitors.

Now I have never voted Labour in my life, but I feel I should also point out that holding our town’s Labour MPs responsible for preventing our exit from the EU is somewhat duplicitous when all 10 of the Brexit/Conservative government supporting DUP MPs also voted against Theresa May’s deal.

However as a Remainer I am one of those dreadful people who don’t understand that the people have voted leave and leave means leave.

I should respect the vote and any attempt to halt this or change the decision makes me a traitor.

Well it seems the saying a week is a long time in politics is true, and how quickly some forget.

“There could be unstoppable demand for a re-run of the EU referendum if Remain wins (note that was if Remain wins) by a narrow margin on 23 June.”

Yes that was a quote from Nigel Farage, the current leader of the Brexit Party.

Personally I feel a second referendum is not the way to go but attacking those for wanting a second referendum when you were calling for it yourself not that long ago seems somewhat hypocritical to me.