HAVING attended the recent ‘Leaders Forum’ in Grappenhall on Tuesday I can only commend Russ Bowden and Steven Broomhead for finally facing the public in what was supposed to be a meeting to discuss a range of topics but ended up being solely about the local development plan (Warrington Guardian, April 4).

They will have left the meeting finally knowing the level of public anger at the LDO.

When the preferred development option was launched with minimal publicity 18 months ago the council eventually received 4,500 responses, the overwhelming majority of them being negative.

Having allegedly taken into account the public response they have now issued the LDO with no significant changes whatsoever.

WBC keep telling us that if they don’t produce a plan the government will implement one.

I find it hard to believe it would be any worse than the one they have produced. Overall the plan is not just about the destruction of the south side of the town, it’s about the implementation of a plan that is led by developers who are hand in glove with a council intent on pursuing an economically aggressive development strategy.

I urge all the people of Warrington to object to this plan as it will affect the people of Warrington for generations to come.

PETER MILLS Grappenhall