HAS anyone else received a bus lane penalty notice for using the bus lane in Lower Bridge Street on the evening of Tuesday, February 26?

I was on my way back home from my daughters and Wilson Patten Street had been closed in both directions.

A diversion was in place sending traffic up Bridge Street and past the Postern Gate and along past the library and up to the Town Hall to turn left and get back on route.

I followed the diversion and on March 3 received a penalty notice for using the bus lane I had been diverted along.

I appealed the notice only to have it rejected.

I have now appealed with the tribunal.

I have lived in Warrington all my life, which is a considerable time. I have driven in Warrington for 45 years and I am fully aware of which lane takes me where, unlike a lot of drivers who just cut you up.

There is no way I would have gone up Bridge Street without being diverted up there.

All I can say is a lot of penalty notices must have been sent out as cars were travelling in both directions.