I AM an elderly Penketh resident born and bred, and Penketh at the moment is not as good as it used to be.

We had a rise in Penketh Parish Council rates by nine per cent but what have we got?

In summary; poor street lighting, dog poo filled streets, poor, inadequate doctors which is like being in the 1950s queuing at 8am for an appointment, a very inadequately run chemists (where there are mistakes a plenty), a rundown library, leisure centre and a freezing cold rundown high school.

Money being spent on ridiculous plant holders on the central reservation on the main road.

Come on Penketh Parish Council get down to the real problems please, instead of a nine per cent rise let’s see something done for our money.

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Then to top it all we’re having naked swimming sessions in our pool – which we pay for.

Something needs to be done and fast.

Penketh is not the place it used to be.