OUR politicians are proving to be incompetent and irresponsible over the handling of Brexit.

They trusted in us, we the electorate and their bosses by giving us a referendum in June 2016 and asking us a very simple question: Do we want to remain in the EU or leave.

No ifs, no buts.

The leave campaign told us it was about taking back control of our sovereignty and laws, effectively ending the jurisdiction of the European court and once again gaining parliamentary control over our own borders; taking back control of our money; ending the freedom of movement of people and by default be leaving the single market which would allow us to compete freely around the world.

Our elected politicians knowing all this voted to trigger article 50, so they knew the terms.

The treaty says that when a country triggers article 50 to leave the EU, that country has two years within which to make their divorce settlement, something our politicians have failed to agree upon.

But the divorce settlement is completely separate from the framework agreement for the country’s future relations with the EU.

So why on earth did our politicians agree to trigger article 50 if they couldn’t agree with the terms?

Because now calling for a second referendum or a people’s vote on the terms that we are leaving is a fudge from the first referendum and is not the question that was originally asked and shows our politicians to be completely incompetent and tribal.

Secondly what on earth is Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party on about with calling for a General Election?

This has nothing to do with Brexit. Threatening to leave with no deal strengthens our hand in negotiations as does dismissing a call for a second referendum.

None of these politicians know how to negotiate a business deal, as they don’t live in the real world.

We the electorate have spoken.

We voted to leave so the MPs now need to get on and deliver it.

TONY FOX Stockton Heath