I AM in my late 50s and with knee problems and pains.

Having to take a job in Manchester a couple of years ago, the only way to get a seat and avoid the unpleasantness and pain of standing, packed in like a sardine and with someone’s garlic breath or armpit in your face, was to chose to travel first class via a daily return ticket from Warrington Central to Manchester Piccadilly which I recall was about £14.90.

That role finished in September 2017.

Unfortunately I have recently had to accept another role in central Manchester.

However TPE no longer runs services through Warrington Central.

So I chose to investigate the TPE from Newton-le-Willows to Manchester Victoria in my first week in the role just before Christmas.

On the first two days travelling second class was unbearable, no seats, packed in and my knees were causing me pain.

So the last two days of the week I decided that there was no option but to travel first class.

But I was shocked and horrified that the daily return fair is £30.

Really how can that be justified when it used to be less that £15 from Warrington Central which is about the same distance?

I cannot afford to pay that every day and would have to consider if the new role is sustainable if I have to suffer the discomfort of travelling second class.

How can the £15 to £30 price hike be justified?

Great Northern Powerhouse – ha ha.

MIKE LAMB Stockton Heath