DESPITE earlier suspicions about the closure of Sankey Station when Warrington West Station was first muted, we read that stopping trains at Sankey will be reduced to one in each direction twice per day at commute times.

This was fiercely denied at public meetings held at the time.

I have just been advised that this decision was agreed with Arriva Northern in 2016 in order to facilitate the construction of Warrington West Station which was part of Warrington Borough Council’s transport strategy.

Has the council waited two years to make this announcement knowing that the suspicion has been denied for so long?

The council’s spokesman assures me that they will be trying to negotiate more trains to stop at Sankey once Warrington West is operational.

This may take some time and will affect Sankey and Penketh travellers.

Is it any wonder that voters have very little faith, if any in their local authority service providers?