WHY are the grass verges in this town such a mess?

Approximately two years ago I contacted our councillor to see if they could explain to me why the grass verges on Enfield Park Road and Crab Lane were not cut to the same height.

Consequently, by the time the verges are ready for re-cutting the grass is at least 18 inches high.

I appreciate finances are tough but it costs no more to set the mower blades the same for both sides.

All last summer we walked to Crab Lane to catch the bus to Birchwood.

In three areas of that walk the pavement was obstructed by hedge growth, so we had no choice but to walk on the long grass, resulting in wet feet or walk on the road.

To date we have had no answers to why the grass is left long.

Round the corner of Crab Lane there is a designated crossing via dimpled flagstones.

We had to walk on the road to avoid banks of overhanging trees.

Mums with pushchairs had difficulty, we saw a lady walking backwards to avoid the branches hitting her or the pram or having to walk on the road itself.

B ASHTON Cinnamon Brow