I PAID £10 four weeks in advance and still had to queue with everyone paying on the night for the White Moss Garden Centre’s Bonfire event near Penketh.

I was turned away from the car park and told there was a shuttle collecting people from a car park 10 mins away.

The shuttle turned out to be one taxi for a minimum of 100 waiting at the car park. Then the staff started to collect people, which you need special insurance to be covered for.

The food was cold and the queues had at least a 40-minute wait selling alcohol with no licence.

There were way too many people for the location – they called it a field but it looked like a back garden.

There were no lights anywhere so people were banging into things.

The fireworks were 45 minutes late and we only saw two members of staff that night and no-one at the fire which was disappointing.

It was out by 7pm and people have asked to see their certificates from health and safety which you need to hold an event and they won’t.

No refunds given either.

I had disabled children there as did a lot of others and there was no medical people, which you have to have.