I AM beginning to wonder if our traffic planners actually travel to work or whether they submit their half-baked schemes from the comfort of a home office.

I travel from Latchford to the Great Sankey area every day and have one issue that really irritates me and one that fortunately doesn’t affect me, but must affect thousands of drivers (workers) heading into or through Warrington.

Firstly, the Knutsford Road bus lane and the operational times of the camera.

I’m all for the bus lane being clear for rush hour but what concerns me is the lack of awareness of drivers that it isn’t live until 7.30am.

Read the huge road sign that indicates this.

We have vehicles trundling up the outside lane until they get to the Royal Oak Branch when they then indicate (sometimes) and dive into the inside lane to turn left towards Wilderspool Causeway or Chester Road.

They are cutting up drivers who can read the sign or can tell the time.

We then, because of the melee that is taking place on the two inside lanes, have the Lewis Hamilton wannabes in the third lane, racing across Bridge Foot to get into the two lanes to go around to Wilson Patten Street.

Secondly, how can the new Mersey toll bridge be a benefit to industry and commerce?

From the day it opened I have seen traffic in an almost continuous queue from Bridge Foot to the roundabout at the far end of Sankey Way.

I’m going in the opposite direction but I despair for those drivers/ workers that have to endure that on a daily basis.

And now we’re told there is going to be a delay in the construction of the new Mersey crossing.

Keep up the good work.